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Welcome to the homepage of Publics4Drive.

Publics4Drive is a small and exclusive publishing house where everything revolves around publications around the automobile. Primarily concerned with automobiles and racing from BMW, the BMW M GmbH and BMW Motorsport.

The journalist, author and publisher Peter GH Sebald, in the past an insider of the "old" DTM, found his own task to write complete documentations of historic racing BMW's "because it is fun .....".

So until today Publics4Drive released the BMW M3 E30 Book 17,970 emotions in German and English. Two different publications in layout and design. Content, however, largely the same. The special feature of the English version is the translation: no less than Christopher Labonté translated the text of that very complicated work.

In the future, Publics4Drive will release more publications, about cars of the White-Blues whitch made history.

Through intensive contacts with motorsports author Peter GH Sebald continue to writes articles about it and care teams in the presentation and the marketing in the sports sector.

BMW M3 E30 - 17.970 Emotions

A masterpiece of automotive literature and a hommage to the most successful touring car of all time: the M3 E30. Never before has there been a book of this nature on the market.

458 pages on the car which was conceived as an idea in 1983 and which matured into a sporting potential within three years.

BMW M3 E30 Buch

The documentation starts at the beginning of the 1980s when the M3 was still just an idea. Personal contacts to Paul Rosche, Helmut Himmel and Gerhard Richter made it possible to obtain information which no journalist has previously had access to.

The book describes the development of the engine and the car as a whole in great detail and the elaborate illustrations are testimony to the true enthusiast behind the book. It is not only the outstanding photographs and diagrams which distinguish the book but also the details which provide food for thought for every engineer and technician.

No publication of this nature has ever contained the precise materials descriptions or the work's own cross sectional diagrams.

The author was awarded the rights to use this material by BMW and the M GmbH as one of their peers.

Every M3 model is described and illustrated in the book, every chassis number is given, every disparity between export models and special editions is described in detail.

Likewise, details of which model was exported when and where in which year are also outlined, as are limited editions from the Motorsport GmbH or conversions made on a national basis.




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