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Here you will find extensive information about already published masterpiece "BMW M3 E30 - 17.970 Emotions", as well as information in process and planned titles.

BMW M3 E30 - 17.970 Emotions

A masterpiece of automotive book culture (Original sound international press), with a tribute to the most successful touring car of all time: the M3 E30. A book that have never been on the market in this way. 458 pages on a vehicle that was born in 1983 in an idea and in three years, matured into a potential athlete.

BMW M3 E30 - 17.970 EmotionsThe documentary begins in the early 80s, when the M3 was configured only in thought.

The personal contacts with Paul Rosche, Helmut Himmel and Gerhard Richter allowed access to information that has not yet received a journalist. Even the smallest detail in this book is the development of complete motor and richly illustrated and described as able to do only pure enthusiasts.

Not only fantastic photos and illustrations are the hallmarks of this book, but information to make every engineer and technician for thought. In any publication of this kind were ever given the exact names or published material factory-sectional images. The author received distribution rights from BMW M GmbH and seeking equal.

BMW M3 E30 - 17.970 EmotionsIn the book, every M3 model is described in great detail with pictures and illustrations, each chassis number is designated, each inequality with export models and special editions will be described in detail.

When the model was exported in what year where, is also listed as individual pieces of Motorsport GmbH or modifications that had to be carried typical for different countries.

Although the M3 E30 was a serial car, there were striking differences in the various models, all of which are either illustrated or described.

The manufactures, which also produced their own versions with M3 technology, are also described in detail, as the serious tuners of the first hour.

BMW M3 E30 - 17.970 EmotionsThe second part of the book is based on every detail of the group A-M3. With the E30 BMW M3 has written six years in motorsport history that can never be topped more. The Group A-Car is described in this book, illustrated in beautiful detail and, from the beginnings of the first test in 1986 in Mugello until the end of the 1992 season. The documents of the FIA homologation are also available, as a table of all M3 drivers and vehicles in the major European championships between 1987 and 1992.

BMW M3 E30 - 17.970 EmotionsIn the last pages of BMW M3 E30 - 17.970 Emotions beautiful M3's are represented in all versions with serious tuning capabilities - and what the future might look like.

With the emergence of personalities worked with that are considered as "Who's Who" of the automotive industry and by commentaries and interviews with Paul Rosche, Helmut Himmel, Karl-Heinz Kalbfell, Luggi Linder, Gerhard Richter, Michael Krankenberg, Altfrid Heger and Marc Hessel this book will take a look back to a time that will be never forgotten by any automotive enthusiast.




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